Why Trump Will Win

Getting Why Trump Will Win online

Q:  Why are you publishing this website?

A:  I’m publishing the website because I’m one of the silent majority.  I want to share my thoughts and views with others that may think that they should not vote for Donald Trump.


Q:  Are you making money with this website?

A:  At this stage, I am not monetizing this website.  I do not want advertising revenue.  I’m very passionate about saving this Country and I foresee myself using a few naughty words in the future and would not want to jeopardize any company’s brand.


I’m happy to field questions if you would like to ask any in email and I’m not into doing any tv or radio interviews.


I hope if you are undecided, or quite possibly, if you hate or even loathe Donald Trump, I can potentially have you consider him as an option with my documentation put forth here.



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