Why Trump Will Win

I thought Ted Cruz was smart, really, I did

The more and more Ted Cruz speaks, the more and more I really, really, really do not like the guy.  I’m from Texas.  He is a great man in my opinion that has done some good things for the great State of Texas and has demonstrated that he is a great politician.  However, it is now really coming to light, why, so damn many in the Congress and Senate, really don’t like him.

Hi, I’m Ted Cruz, I’m going to drag up news pieces and videos from 18 years ago on a position of Donald Trump, NOT an action, and play him as “democrat” and “shady” and “shifty” and a “flip-flopper” and #NewYorkValues plus a ton more.

This has to be the most idiotic thing that I’ve seen ANY of the politicians do.  This is actually worse than WEAK Jeb Bush trying to have swipes at Donald Trump while Bush’s own daughter is a drug addict.  Yep, this Ted Cruz “non-attack” on Donald Trump is the worst.

On CNN New Day this morning, Cruz’s spokesperson made such a FOOL of himself with this talking point of “Donald Trump is being supported by the Washington Cartel and he’s an insider not an outsider.” (or words to that effect)  I mean, seriously, are you frigging kidding me here?

The talking point that Ted Cruz is leading with now is “Where was Donald Trump” when Obamacare was passed… “Where was Trump” when Ted fought so valiantly reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor… Well, #TEDCRUZ I can tell you where Donald Trump was you butt muppet… he was RUNNING A VERY SUCCESSFUL COMPANY that employs thousands and thousands of employees that stimulates economies all over the World!  That’s where he was Einstein!

I am so sick and tired of Ted Cruz already it’s not even funny.  When the Governor of the State of Iowa comes out and wants you gone, that’s the sign for Iowans NOT to vote for Cruz’s flip flopping ass over ethanol subsidies.  He is trying to tip toe around this issue just like the AMNESTY and LEGALIZATION issue.  You’re NOT Dr. Evil Ted.  You can’t hatch your “grand poison pill” on an issue and then shy away from it later.

On Hannity you were asking “Where was Trump” last night… and I’m sure your bullshit talking point will be spread across all of the airwaves that you can get time on… but know this… you don’t need to ask the question anymore dingdong… I answered it above already.  I’ll tweet this page to you so you and your team will know.  Idiot!


Go to the 14th minute to hear this idiot on this “Where’s Waldo” campaign hit job he’s attempting.