Why Trump Will Win

I was right, pro’s were WRONG, pun intended, about electing Trump as President

Wolf Blitzer at FAILED CNN saying "HOLY CRAP" the Jester beat the Queen

Wolf Blitzer at FAILED CNN saying “HOLY CRAP” the Jester beat the Queen

November 9th, 2016.

Write that shit down.

Write it down because there was plenty of evidence when I called this Election for Donald J. Trump on December 24, 2015.  Why were the pundits so WRONG?  They were WRONG because they were too interested in being RIGHT instead of paying attention to history.  The media on this brilliant morning are sensationalizing this story as “Shocking Upset” when all along, if those idiots would’ve paid attention to the reporting that they HAD to do from the history of elections, maybe they wouldn’t be making idiotic statements like “Shocking Upset” “Trump’s Shocked The World”.

I watched Trump after making his announcement that he was running and he stumbled, he fell, he really stepped in it several times, but all the way, he stayed on message and had incredible vision.

On Christmas Even last year, I sat and wrote this at the top of this home page:

I have followed politics very closely for over 27 years. During that time period, I’ve served in the United States Marine Corps, lived in 3 different States as well as abroad in Australia. I personally believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of vision, innovation, passion, determination and goal setting. I will detail out my thoughts here on why Trump will win the GOP nomination and then win by a landslide in the General Election to become the next President of the United States.

I detailed out why Ted Cruz would lose on WhyCruzWillLose.com and stayed active in assisting others that were assisting Donald Trump not only to win the Republican nomination, but all the way through to what happened last night.

I created NeverHillary.club and within the last 10 days of the Election, created a video that was what about 58% of the Nation felt was a true dialogue of Hillary Clinton, not the one that Morgan Freeman narrated.


It feels good to know that I’m one of those “White ‘uneducated’ No Degree Males” that voted for Trump and I knew all along that there were more people like me, no matter what their gender or race was, than there were that kept their eyes shut to the disaster that this GREAT COUNTRY has become and/or only wanted to vote for a corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton merely because she pees sitting down.

Congratulations Mr. Trump.

Congratulations Mr. Trump’s team.

Congratulations America…. ALL of America- White, Black, Brown, Tan, Men, Women, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and so on…


President Trump will accomplish more in his FIRST 100 DAYS than President Obama did in 8 YEARS.