Why Trump Will Win

Open Letter to Trump about his flip flop on IMMIGRATION

Dear Mr. Trump,

Please do not cave in on your immigration position.  I have supported you from the beginning and have known since October that you were going to win the GOP nomination and yes, I believed you would be President.  Flip flopping is NOT the way to go.  You need to keep the initial position on immigration and do NOT be another politician.  It’s NOT what got you where you are today, which is one step away from the Presidency of the United States.

If you FLIP FLOP on your position, then you are no better than Obama.  Here is my comparison for you-

Obama- Lets out a record number of “non-violent” CRIMINALS.  Who cares if those CRIMINALS only sold drugs, because, ya know, it was only a little bit of weed or crack.  What if the ‘little bit of weed or crack’ was smoked by someone that MURDERED or RAPED someone?  Then where are we at with that philosophy?

Trump- Oh YES, we’re going to “GET OUT THE BAD ONES”.  The police know who they are- trust me!

Guess what Mr. Trump… who really gives a crap?  They are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for a simple, single reason- they BROKE THE LAW!  They broke the law to come into the United States.  They do NOT need sympathy or amnesty or especially citizenship!  So what you’re doing is the SAME THING as the worst President in history- you’re REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR and DISRESPECTING OUR COUNTRY’S LAWS!

I hope you reconsider your position.  It’s seen as pandering, not ‘softening’.  AND also FYI, it’s the GENERAL election- NOT the primary.  Please be quiet and focus on 3 things: Obama’s train wreck of an economy, Hillary Clinton and National Security





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