Why Trump Will Win

Stupid Pundit Experts

The title to this page of Why Trump Will Win- Stupid Pundit ‘Experts’.

Why so vain?  Why so mean?  Why so, “Trump”?

I listen to each and every single pundit that all of the elite media shows have on them.  I listen to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, C-SPAN and other programs on Sirius XM.

These morons, even Republican pundits, that keep saying “Trump can’t win” “Trump can’t beat Hillary” are just that, morons.  They are doing nothing more than pushing a belief or running numbers from PAST Presidential Elections and mapping out a false result.  Why would it be a false result?

Do you see the HEAT that Trump is taking in the media?  Holy crap.  Honestly, I had respect for the man long before he ever decided to run for President, but now my respect for his ability to TAKE FIRE and STAY FOCUSED is off the charts.

Now, Mr. and Ms./Mrs. Pundit Experts.  How many of those POLLED VOTERS, whether they’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, Christian, Women, Jewish, African American, Men etc etc etc, are actually talking about voting for Trump?  Do you think in a million years that someone would want the discrimination and angst brought to them for their right to have a positive opinion about Donald Trump and even more so, they are supporting him and will vote for him?  Really?  Maw Maw Susie Q that gets together with her 7 friends to play Uno (pun intended) on Saturday nights really wants to have a discussion, slash/TAKE HEAT, because they believe that Donald Trump can Make America Great Again?  HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

You can look at every single poll you want.  You can run numbers until the cows come home.  You can debate all day and all night long.  There is ONE FACTOR that you CANNOT contribute to factoring in who will be the Republican nominee and who will be the President of the United States- that factor in the algorithm- HEART.  LOVE.  BELIEF.  HOPE.  In other words, you can’t factor in the SILENT MAJORITY.

Let’s go back in history for a moment.


Democrat (Incumbent): Jimmy Carter

Republican: Ronald Reagan

Independent: John B. Anderson

Iran hostages and the gas crisis.  I remember yellow ribbons around trees and being in line for hours to get about 5 gallons of gas with the rationing restrictions.  Our Country was a mess.  A true mess.  Not a fickle fighting over blue or red mess, but a MESS.  People wanted CHANGE.  Why?  People for the most part are all smart.  When shit isn’t working, we want it fixed.  When our electricity goes out- 99.99% of us go “Hey I have to get this fixed” and we don’t do it ourselves.  We call the people that CAN fix it.  It’s called FREE MARKET.  We get to choose who will be the BEST LEADER.  In 1980, Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat and well known actor, and former California Governor, gave us hope.  He spoke softly, and strongly.  He meant business.  He beat the pants off of Carter and Anderson.

I’m skipping over 1988 because it’s not important.


Republican: George H. W. Bush

Democrat: Bill Clinton

Independent: Ross Perot

We had a weak President in office that made several, several, several very poor decisions.  As head of the CIA, Bush may have very well did an outstanding job, but as President, not so much.  In comes Bill Clinton, the relatively unknown Governor of the State of Arkansas and Texas businessman Ross Perot.  Bill Clinton had the charm, the gift of the gab and an adoring woman (at that time) in his wife Hillary.  He was soft spoken, yet tough, similar to that of Reagan.  And then we had Ross Perot.  What a character.  Knew how to run a business and make millions and millions of dollars.  However, his vision for America could only sway a few, in fact, just enough to draw from the Bush Republican base.  When Bill Clinton played that sax, I said “It’s over.  He’s won.”  I didn’t have to look at polling data.  Hell, Al Gore hadn’t even created the internet yet, so I couldn’t have possibly researched any data.  In a nutshell, Bush lost because he wasn’t believed and Perot wasn’t believed enough either.

I’m skipping over 1996 because it’s not important.


Democrat: Al Gore

Republican: George W. Bush

This summary will be quick.  Bill Clinton.  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”  Between that and failure to act militarily with strength, Al Gore really did not stand a chance.  I believe that the House and the Senate under Clinton, for the most part, did a really decent job.  George W., was a successful Governor of Texas.  His father of course was our Vice President under Reagan for 2 terms and President for 1 term.  His name was good as well as his record.  George W. did not win this race though, and Al Gore did not lose it.  Bill Clinton lost it because the Democrat BRAND could not be TRUSTED.  So we gave ol’ George W. a chance.

I’m skipping over the 2004 debacle of “VoteGate” because it fries my brain, just like the tv ad with the egg going into the frying pan.  On that note, maybe our Government should begin a tv campaign on getting a “lucky dip”.  We could portray all Muslim immigrants as plastic Easter eggs in a basket and hand them out.  The parent handing them out could share with the kids- “There’s only 1 bad egg out of the 1,000 of eggs in the baskets kiddos!”  Would you want your child eating one?  That’s for another page- soon!


Liberal Party (Incumbent 20 years): John Howard

Labor Party: Kevin Rudd

Oh yeh, this is Australia.  Why Australia?  How is this relevant?  John Howard was a great leader.  He was a really well respected and liked leader on the Global stage.  Then, well, he became unpopular.  He became VERY unpopular.  His “likability” rating was the lowest in his political history.  In came his challenger, a nerdy, ear wax eating, annoying laugh, but technological focused much younger Kevin Rudd.  He had a catchy campaign slogan:


Kevin Rudd did not “win” the election.  Prime Minister John Howard lost the election.  He was SO UNPOPULAR, he lost his own seat.  Look up Australian politics if you want to find out more.  Now moving on to the BIGGEST Presidential disaster in over 50 years.


Republican: John McCain

Democrat: Barack Hussein Obama

The Air Force Vietnam war veteran and long time Senator from Arizona- John McCain.  He had a bit of fight.  He had a bit of spirit.  He had a bit of a problem.  Number one, he wasn’t very convincing.  In other words, he wasn’t passionate enough, strong enough, tough enough and he did not and could not overcome- George W. Bush’s unpopular war in Iraq and the WMD debacle.  Entering stage Left (pun intended), the almighty speaker that had even me, yes, even ME, saying, WOW, this guy can MOTIVATE.  This guy can REJUVENATE!  This guy can DO ANYTHING!  Yes, the “Yes we can!” and “Hope and change” and all of the other passionate, finger shaking, fist pumping, optimism pouring out of his “wherever” (pun intended) won him the election.  Period.  His politics were not better.  He certainly was NEVER EVER EVER a proven leader of any kind at any capacity.  The election was like Mr. Potato Head versus Buzz Lightyear.  It was not even close.

I won’t even talk about the 2012 election.  I have a LOT to say about Benghazi and the other shady, shady, deceptive and underhanded things that went on during the lead up to this election, but the BOTTOM LINE is that Mitt Romney was NOT electable.  End of story.  His running mate- you know, the Speaker of the House right now, yeh, the same one- was NOT a help to him at all.  Why?  They were not passionate about running this COUNTRY!  They were crap.



You can look at all of the polls.  Hell, Trump loves the polls.  I’m not a fan of the polls.  They’re like car appraising websites that allow the owner of their baby to put in “excellent condition” when it’s really a turd.  The polls are a brief window of today, that can likely change the next day.


There has NEVER been a candidate like Donald Trump.  You can divide, speculate, forecast and ultimately get paid by idiotic news organizations to spew your GUESSES about who and why and when.  The candidate that will win at the polls is Donald Trump.  I base it on the following factors:

  1. Known person (Celebrity status)
  2. Leadership (Proven leader within Trump organization to build a multi-Billion dollar company)
  3. Completely Independent (Conservative with innovative visualization and CANNOT be BOUGHT)
  4. Tough persona
  5. Intelligence (Ability to put together a team in which he can TRUST to GET THINGS DONE)
  6. Vision for America ala his campaign slogan Make America Great Again
  7. Success that can be duplicated into our Country- turning $1,000,000 into $10,000,000,000 isn’t easy
  8. Focus
  9. Passion, dedication and desire to Never Give Up
  10. The last one is THE MOST IMPORTANT one- even though I’ve listed them in real order as I believe that he ultimately win the Presidency:  OBAMA / HILLARY  This calls for a special page on how Obama and Hillary, along with other incompetent, stupid, disrespectful, ignorant, greedy and selfish people within the Obama Administration.  Oh yeh, wait for it…