Why Trump Will Win

The inevitable is now inevitable- Donald Trump will be the next President

At the start of this GOP Presidential campaign, I was watching 3 candidates very closely; Donald Trump, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Ted Cruz.  The reason is for the following:

Donald Trump:  Proven success, authentic, vision, great risk assessor, fantastic deal maker and ultimately, a winner.

Governor Chris Christie:  Proven leadership and success within New Jersey as Governor and as U.S. Attorney, no B.S. off the cuff realist and someone with good ideas.

Senator Ted Cruz:  Passionate, fighter, intelligent, conservative and someone that can shake up Washington DC.


In July and August, I was reading and doing a lot of research.  I went to Beck’s Sports Grill and listened to Christie.  He didn’t resonate with us.  His demeanor wasn’t one of “I’m the one” and he seemed weak when an idiot that was asking ridiculous, totally irrelevant questions and making really dumb statements, he did nothing for the 4 or 5 minutes but nod and appear interested.  We left and after that example of weakness, I had totally written him off for my vote.

We then went to see Trump on October 7th in Waterloo.  We arrived an hour early and it was already packed.  The energy was high, the people were positive and he delivered a great message.  I ticked him in the “Yep, he’ll do the job” box.

During the posturing of the ‘bromance’ of Trump and Cruz, I was thinking, this would be a really great ticket.  I was struggling with who would actually be the nominee and who would be the running mate.  After more research of who was on the campaign staff, who supported them, listening to what they were saying, I was completely convinced that Donald Trump would not only win the GOP nomination, but he would beat anybody put up by the Democrats.

I have read an awful lot of negatives about Trump.  He’s a narcissist, he’s unhinged, he’s a globalist, he’s a progressive, he’s a bully etc etc etc.  To truly understand Trump, I did not really look to his past positions from 20 years ago on abortion or the like, but rather researched the success and proven leadership skills not of him, but of his children, his executives and people that have moved on from his companies that sprung them into better career positions because of their experience within the Trump organizations.  I had a moment of clarity and within 24 hours, WhyTrumpWouldWin.com was online.

Looking back on the 3 candidate considerations I had earmarked, it is now crystal clear that I have made the right choice and I’m 99.99% confident that the rest of the American people will feel the same way if they want an economy on steroids, a TRUE border with a WALL and our Country safer and much, much more respected around the World.

Governor Christie had such a fantastic debate performance in Hew Hampshire.  He exposed Marco Rubio as a political talking head that does say the same things as Hillary Clinton and even Obama.  He recently sold his voter support list to Marco Rubio, which proves to me that he is definitely not a pick for Trump to be on the ticket.

Senator Ted Cruz.  Wow.  Where do I begin?  How about at WhyCruzWillLose.com.  I do not understand anything about this candidate because he is a liar.  He is a hypocrite.  His campaign lies.  His Caucus Captains lied in Iowa, which changed the outcome of the Iowa Caucus.  Donald Trump and Ben Carson should have filed a lawsuit and complaint with the Iowa GOP and National GOP to have Ted Cruz disqualified.  He cheated to win and therefore, we do not know who truly won Iowa.  I feel that Trump would have received the biggest percentage of votes.

New Hampshire has spoken.

South Carolina has spoken.

Nevada has spoken.

So I now refer back to the title of this post- “The inevitable is now inevitable- Donald Trump will be the next President”.  Trump was expected to win New Hampshire.  South Carolina was evangelical “Cruz Country” and Rubio’s neighboring State.  Trump won everything.  Last night in Nevada, you can add Cruz and Rubio total votes together and combined they don’t match the vote count for Trump.

The snowflake has hit the top of the mountain, and the avalanche is now coming.  If I were consulting with the GOP, I would be telling them to start aligning now.  It is now inevitable.  Congratulations Mr. Trump.  You have awoken a Nation of patriots and inspired them to give a damn about result of this election.  Thank you.