Why Trump Will Win

The Jimmy Kimmel book about Trump

The funniest bit that I’ve seen on Jimmy Kimmel, and there are a LOT of funny bits, has to be the creation “Winners aren’t losers”.  The irony to this, is that even though it was created to take a swipe, in fun and jest, at Donald Trump, it is for the most part, so true, that the core message is something that I teach to my own small children 6 and almost 8.  In today’s PC environment, most of the schools and city run sports organizations are setting so many children up for failure by way of “you gave it a good try, you WIN too!”.

I’m sorry, a winner is not a loser and a loser is not a winner.  That’s just the way it is.

You can scroll to 3:10 on the video to get straight to the book, or listen to the whole interview.  I think Trump did very well.  He thrives under the Hollywood and tv spotlight.

When Trump speaks, it’s straight talk.  It reminds me of my Great Grandma.  She was tough.  She was compassionate.  She was an entrepreneur.  She was the best role model ever.  She actually said something very similar to that of the now infamous quote of “Ricky Bobby” which is “if you’re not first you’re last”.  She also taught me why losing was important.  Competition breeds a positive environment on all levels.

Overall, I think that Jimmy Kimmel did Trump a great service with this ghost written parody book.  I think it would be a best seller and I would definitely buy 10 copies of it.  I’d give my children each one and I’d keep 8 of them as an investment.

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