Why Trump Will Win

The next chapter of President Trump, the new beginning

The next chapter, President Donald Trump


It gives me great joy to sit and draft a post about the new GOP Presidential nominee, Mr. Donald Trump.

As this website was developed for personal views and also as a support portal for Donald Trump, it does make me smile, and laugh, as my vision and understanding of politics has come to fruition.

Point #1-

I get to say “I told you so!” to all of the ‘expert political pundits’.  Here’s my top 10 list in no particular order:

  1. George Will- Old school political hack.
  2. Rick Tyler- The fired Comms Director of Cruz campaign and now ‘expert’ on CNN, or is it now MSNBC?
  3. Bill Kristol- Glorified, pompous know nothing goon that believes he owns the definition of ‘conservative’.
  4. Stephen F Hayes- Goatee wearing gasbag groomed by Bill Kristol about ‘conservatism’.
  5. Amanda Carpenter- I’ll refrain from the hotel room condom photo talk and just say HAAAAAAAAAA!
  6. Ana Navarro- Enduring her condescending commentary with NO real ‘game time experience’ was miserable.
  7. Mark Levin- Loudmouth gasbag that caters to Bible thumping “conservatives”.
  8. Glenn Beck- Mr. Cheetos himself!  Is he still with us here on Earth?  Psychotic bipolar alcoholic gasbag.
  9. NeverTrump Erik Erikson- This is the type of personality that would kill their Mom to go to the orphans picnic.
  10. Charlie Sykes- Mr. Conservative ex die hard Cruz’r with his hot air he spews to his 2,000 listeners.
    *Karl Rove gets an honorable mention for the use of his Dollar Tree whiteboard on National tv when expressing his pathetic opinions and ‘numbers’.


Point #2-

The polls are skewed.  Nearly all of the polls that have Hillary Clinton, assuming that she escapes the ongoing F.B.I. investigation, ahead of Trump and in some cases by double digits.  When Trump began his campaign and the turn out at some of his rallies was into the thousands, he began the branding phrase of “the silent majority” which some 4 or 5 months later turned into “the noisy majority”.  I addressed the skewed polls during the GOP Primary here.


Point #3-

Mark Cuban put it best when he said it’s the “What about me tribe”.  What about me?  Does my voice matter?  What have you done for me lately?  Do you care about me or care about being politically correct?  The What About Me Tribe will be the ones that push Donald Trump to the Presidency.  I have no psychological background or sociology degree.  However, what I do have is understanding of the pulse on people and how they’re reacting to issues and circumstances.  Most people do not know their true capacity or limits.  A middle aged man with a bad knee moves a car off of a train track from an oncoming train.  How?  Adrenaline.  If you put 2 people in a ring and say that only one can come out- and they must kill the other in order to come out alive, probably 99.9% of the people say “I’d never kill anyone”.  Under normal circumstances, that statement would be 100% accurate.  However, what if their families were being held hostage to be summoned to a life of imprisonment if they didn’t come out of that ring?  In this situation, it’s a “you or me” mentality and it’s not about being a good person or being compassionate or fear of judgement, it’s about survival and it’s a new set of rules.


Point #4-

How will Trump ‘turn it around’?  Trump doesn’t need to turn it around.  Trump needs to bring into focus the horrific track record of the Democrats and make a pivot with regard to clarification on his policies- period.  Referencing Point #3, here is how he does that:

     Dear (Mr/Ms/Mrs) (Hispanic/African-American/Minority/Muslim) (Democrat/Independent/Libertarian/Republican),

You have been manipulated, put into harms way with regard to failed foreign policy and National security via Hillary Clinton, lied to and therefore disrespected by President Obama regarding your health care, have lost jobs due to poor trade deals and illegal immigration.

  • I respect your position on my Immigration Policy and building a wall, but let me ask you, if it’s you, an American Citizen, do you want a job for you or a family member, or do you care if an illegal immigrant gets it?
  • I respect your position on my temporary Muslim ban, but let me ask you, if it’s you or your family that has a neighbor that could potentially be a radical ISIS terrorist that has infiltrated the refugees, how do you feel now about having a pause until our Country can properly protect you from this threat?
  • I respect your position calling me every name in the book from a racist, a bigot, a fat head, a meatball, a narcissist or maybe even all of the mentioned plus another ten rolled into one.  However, if you’re not one of the millions of unemployed across our Country, do you agree 100% and have the same views as your manager, your boss, your CEO or other leader within your organization?  The answer is probably not, but you push it aside for the betterment of you and your family.  You like the security and independence that your employment gives you, so you don’t have to agree with each and every thing of management or seniority positions.


In closing this post, I can assure you that just as the GOP Primary played out with regard to Point #2 regarding the silent majority, it’s going to be an exact blueprint for what’s to come in the General Election.  The Clinton camp has more material for smashing Donald Trump through his own words and ESPECIALLY that of the Republicans that stupidly keep attacking him, even after he’s the last one standing.  Do I believe that Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump if she’s even allowed to continue the run for President?  Hell no.  Not a chance in hell.  The silent majority of America, not a select few, will look at the choices, just like they did when the failed puppet Mitt Romney ran against Obama with a pathetic 4 year track record, and say “Who gives me the best chance for a life that I want and deserve to live?”  I’ll share here just like I shared with every single ignorant Kooolaid drinking hardcore Conservative when they said “ohhhhh the Country is mad, Obama will never be re-elected!”  I said to them, “You’re dreaming.  Romney is a wishy washy candidate at best.  He’s too weak and doesn’t display strength.  Obama is displaying strength and optimism of ‘finishing what he started’ and promises healthcare for everyone!”  Joe and Suzy, proud, but very poor out of work die hard conservatives, sat at their kitchen table and said “Well, at least we’ll have healthcare.”

I believe that people all over America will begin saying “I’m now a proud member of the What About Me Tribe.  Do I have to agree with everything Donald Trump says or how he delivers it?  Will Hillary Clinton truly screech her way to making my life better?  How many jobs has Hillary created?  What, Hillary still wants refugees by the thousands to poor into our Country unvetted to potentially cause a terror attack, take a job opportunity away from me or my family, get welfare to further drive our County into debt for my children and grandchildren to inherit?

And again, for the STUPID PUNDIT EXPERTS, you should probably reread what I’ve written here because I was right then, and I’m right now.  The biggest name sake in the Republican Party had his ass handed to him.  The biggest name sake in the Democrat Party is about to have the same handed to her…. if she’s not indicted.

Joe Scarborough- “I’m never gonna vote for a guy that bans someone because of a God they worship”.

Joe, just shut up.  You have made some very good points.  Your comment this morning was so idiotic.  If you, along with other moronic Republicans and Independents keep talking this nonsense, it will only do one thing- KEEP ARMING HILLARY CLINTON AND RAISE MORE MONEY FOR THEM.  Just stop it…………….. please.