Why Trump Will Win

The Obama Refugees

“The risk from a small number of vetted refugees is far outweighed by the humanitarian imperative to help innocent people escaping from Syria’s evil rulers and from the Islamic State,” said the Post.

This is where the idiocracy begins!  Risk assessment is a key factor in ANYTHING.  Whether you know it or not, you actually perform a risk assessment probably daily.  I believe that when these IDIOTS that begin their bleeding heart RUBBISH about “thousands of good Muslim refugees” and maybe a naughty one here or there, all you have to do is ask them this question:

“Since the GOVERNMENT (and that means TAX PAYERS) will be funding these refugees, the GOVERNMENT will PAY YOU to house ONLY 1 of these poor refugees.  Will you be happy to house them?”

They will perform a RISK ASSESSMENT because it’s PERSONAL now.  It’s a RISK.  Is it a small risk?  Yes.  However, it is a RISK!

The discovery of information now that the FBI has uncovered regarding the TERRORIST that was allowed into our Country on a Fiance Visa is ONLY the TIP of the iceberg.  I personally would be AFRAID to put a team together and investigate the number of immigrants from COMBATIVE and TERRORIST Nations that have been let in “vetted” only this year!  Who are they kidding here?

President Obama MOCKED the Republicans, and in particular Donald Trump, who has single handedly brought this issue to the FOREFRONT of discussion.

“Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,” he said.

Obama added, “At first they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”

Are you kidding me Mr. President?  President Obama made that statement on November 17th.  The San Bernardino TERRORIST ATTACK killing 14 INNOCENT AMERICANS happened on December 2nd.  What we have is a delusional person in charge of our Country that is a pussy.

When the invasion of Syrian refugees were pouring over the borders, I watched the coverage and looked at the photos on the news websites.  My first and IMMEDIATE thought was- look at all of the men.  Look at all of the young men.  Look at all of the young, angry looking men.  The majority of these “refugees” did not looks destitute.  They did not look scared for their lives to be fleeing to safety in another Country.  They looked ANGRY.  They looked HOSTILE.  They looked like ISIS.

I believe that the problems in Europe have only just begun.  The Paris attack was horrific.  It truly stopped the World.  It was a tragic moment in time where people truly paused, and went “We may have a problem.”  Well, everybody except our President- “Paris was a setback”.  Really?  Yes really.  He said it.

The parts that piss me off the most about this refugee crisis:

  1.  The Arab Countries, that are some of the RICHEST Countries in the World, are taking none, or VERY FEW of these refugees.  Hello Saudi Arabia!  What have they done?  They have the RICHEST person in the region in Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud.  What has he done for them?  Oh yeh, he’s BLASTED Donald Trump’s rhetoric on his position of trying to KEEP AMERICA SAFER.  He can go ride his diamond blinged camel for all I care, along with all of his Co-conspirators of keeping MUSLIMS OUT.  Where were almost ALL of the 9-11 hijacker TERRORISTS from?  Oh yeh, Saudi Arabia.
  2. We have all of these dipshits in this FAILED, OUT OF TOUCH and DELUSIONAL Administration that think that they can just PLACE these refugees into States WITHOUT telling the States!  Naa, we’ll just place them in a ‘safe’ Muslim community.  Are you kidding me?!  Hello Kentucky!  Hello Tennessee!  Hello Minnesota!  How’s that working out for ya?  There are local officials that are OUTRAGED at the ARROGANCE and DECEIT of this Administration for placement of refugees with NO COMMUNICATION or permission from the States!
  3. The MONEY!  Let’s talk about the money.  HELLO NATIONAL DEBT at almost $19 TRILLION.  Oh yeh, it’s Bush’s fault.  Seriously, let’s talk about the expense of these refugees.  WHY?  WHY in the F’n World would these ASSHATS in the White House decide that a REFUGEE is MORE IMPORTANT than our homeless here in the Country!?  Why would these REFUGEES be MORE IMPORTANT than our Veterans, who have served our Country and cannot get proper health care, are disrespected and down right abused under this Administration.  Some of them are HOMELESS!  They have PRIDE!  Even if they have tried to go through the complete and utter red tape bullshit of the V.A. they are more than likely stonewalled and never return out of pride, frustration or lack of MONEY!
  4. The RISK!  The risk is HUGE!  Why is the risk huge?  There are HEALTH concerns as well as TERROR concerns.  Why in the World would this Administration get this put into place?  I’ll tell you why.  THEY do NOT have to deal with it personally.  Again, there’s that word- PERSONALLY.  If you think that there is RISK today, wait until tomorrow and next week and next year and the next.  Osama Bin Laden said for YEARS that he was going to attack America.  He said for YEARS that he would kills the infidels.  Guess what?  He was WAAAAYYYYY over there in a cave or something and he was just talking jibberish.  There was NO WAY that he could attack America.  Yeh, tell that to the victim’s family members of 9-11.  There were only a FEW warning signs that the Bush Administration FAILED to act on.  And Bin Laden was a BOISTEROUS and LOUD dude.  He WANTED America and the World to know that he wanted to kill as many Americans as he could.  Well hello people, guess what- these IDIOTS running ISIS and the other terror networks are loud, not Bin Laden loud, but they’re still saying the same thing- and A LOT of them are saying the same thing.  They’re saying they are infiltrating these “refugees” and what is the President doing?  This dude thinks he’s Bob Barker- “Come on downnnnnnnnnnn”.  It’s ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

So, back to the people that would disagree with me.  To the people that would say that I don’t have a heart.  To the people that would call me a racist or a bigot or a hater or call me Islamaphobic.  I say to those people- “Pound sand”.  Yes, figuratively and literally, as in, go pound sand in the desert of a TERRORIST Nation and claim your passion for the people under great harm and see how that works out for ya.  Oh, and if you’re gay, make sure that your will is filled out before you do.  And if you’re a Christian or a Jew, or anything other than Muslim, you can do the same.  Go ahead, there’s no danger, well, maybe, just a little bit.

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