Why Trump Will Win

What happened in Iowa?

Last night at the Iowa Caucus, I caucused for Donald Trump.  I spoke on behalf of Trump for a couple of minutes and shared that I didn’t agree with every single thing that Trump had said that could have been offensive to some, but make no mistake about it, he was ideally the best candidate to take our Country back and get it onto a road to recovery by duplicating what he has done in the private sector and applying it to our Country.  I am new to Caucusing.  Not only the speaking part, but the voting part as well.  I don’t have a personal history to compare it to, but the first thing that I did after I voted for Donald Trump was have some questions:

“Why did someone come by looking official take our pieces of paper we circled Donald Trump’s name on?”

“Did this person support another candidate?”

“Why didn’t they have staff management monitoring a box with a candidates name on it to which we could deliver our vote securely?”

“Can I personally request a count on votes with an independent auditor?”

So this morning before I get into my work load, I decided that I was going to find someone that could assist me in answering some or all of these questions.  I looked up ‘Republican Chair Black Hawk County IA’ and Google loaded up this result: blackhawkgop.com  Great!  Well, maybe not.


So is this the norm here in Iowa?  Is this how their GOP Organization functions?  How long has this website been down?  I did manage to find who I believe could answer my questions and I’ve emailed them while writing this blog post.

As I shared above, I’ve never caucused, so I’m unclear on the protocol that it has, but I’m sure that I’m not interpreting what other experienced Caucus participants are saying which they are confused, they question the voting manner as it was totally different than prior Caucuses and where did the ballots go?

I will petition to get an answer to our specific Caucus in Black Hawk County, Iowa, and will post results once I received them.