Why Trump Will Win

What is Khizr Khan hiding?

When the #Khantroversy started over the Trump comments about the Gold Star parents that brutally attacked his character and policy position to keep America safe, it was only going to be a matter of time before a few tech nerds were going to trace the digital footprints of Khizr Khan.

I’m one of those nerds.

Khizr Khan- First and foremost, a Gold Star Father of a courageous Captain.  Secondly, and in our opinion, most importantly related to the fierce rhetoric by the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign- he is a lawyer from Harvard that has ties to Saudi Arabia, as well as other organizations that are assisting in the immigration of foreigners that are seeking to come to the United States through “legal” means via E2 and EB5 visas.  Why is this relevant?  Since GOP Nominee Donald Trump has brought laser focus to our immigration policy problem, a few well known Senators have brought up the massive problems with the visa programs with major loopholes.  The same ones that Khan’s law firm, now presumably either on a vacation for Summer or shut down, since the website KM KHAN LAW FIRM is shut down and has moved the domain name ownership to private, utilized in getting visas for pretty much anybody that wanted to pay to play and enter the United States.  I found some other info that can be helpful to those seeking more answers about this Khan Con.

Here are the other domains and information on Mr. Khan: